• Metallurgical company in San Giorgio in Bosco

    Metallurgical company in San Giorgio in Bosco

    High-quality building hardware

    Campagnaro Aristide S.r.l. was established by Mr. Campagnaro Aristide about 50 years ago and it metallurgical company in San Giorgio in Bosco

    The company is currently run by his son Elio Campagnaro, who has tried to keep the familiar character of the company over the years and he has always worked with passion and enthusiasm.

    The company is very easy to reach, in Via Valsugana, 243/A 35010, Italy on the road between Padua and Bassano.

  • Campagnaro Aristide, a family-run company

    Campagnaro Aristide, a family-run company

    Campagnaro Aristide is a family-run company which was founded in the mid-1960s as a metallurgical firm in San Giorgio in Bosco and produces aluminium and steel building hardware working top-quality materials according to the techniques of the best traditional craftsmanship and modern machineries. The company gets bigger and expert in this field and thanks to its continuous technological development it carves out an important position in the Veneto industry.

    Thanks to the continuous search for new materials and using innovative machineries for processing steel and aluminium, the company has established itself as one the world leaders in the production of building hardware, mosquito screens and shutters in Veneto. Thanks to its professionalism and experience it has been officially honoured with an award by the Chamber of Commerce of Padua. The passion instilled by the founder has borne fruit and today the company is a modern store with a skilled and up-to-dated staff.

  • Services in San Giorgio

    Compagnaro Aristide company is specialized in metalwork in San Giorgio in Bosco and it is able to offer its customers a quality and varied service thanks to the opportunity of producing steel and aluminium building hardware, interior doors, armoured front doors, gates, railings for porches, mosquito screens, shutters and gratings, technical support and a careful, accurate and on-time maintenance.

    The company performs high precision works in order to meet any specific requirement. Its strength is certainly the professionalism and research in the production of building hardware. The staff is able to design, produce, and implement windows with sliding doors, but also shutters. Customers can choose within a wide range of products as the company meets all requirements by adapting the final product to any type of customer need.

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  • Aluminium building hardware production

    Aluminium building hardware production

    The metallurgical company in San Giorgio in Bosco handles the production of aluminium building hardware for internal and external doors. Thanks to its properties, aluminium is a metal that meets different construction needs: building hardware, shutters and gratings. The aluminium building hardware give elegance and modernity, they are long-lasting and they require low maintenance.

  • Steel building hardware production

    Steel building hardware production

    The pursuit of the excellence is characterized by the use of the best materials that Campagnaro Aristide company selects.

    The company is a partner of Secco firm that guarantees the production of building software, walls, facades and glass-steel walls with the following features: breaking strength, minimal visual impact, large size, high weather-resistance.

  • Mosquito screens and shutters production

    Mosquito screens and shutters production

    Campagnaro Aristide company products mosquito screens in different colours, with vertical or horizontal opening, easily adaptable to any solution. The company also produces any type of shutter which is constructed with care to defy time and atmospheric agents and to be integrated perfectly with any constructive solution. It is used both to renovate and build new buildings.

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